Celebrating Ganga Saptami And The Spiritual Journey Of Mata Ganga

Celebrating Ganga Saptami And The Spiritual Journey Of Mata Ganga

The Ganges river holds significance in spirituality and Hindu religion and is profoundly called Mother Ganges or “Maa Ganga”. In Hindu religion, devotees believe that water holds healing and purifying properties which cleanses one’s sins and heals their souls. Also, the Hindu scripture celebrates the Ganges river which is a descent from heaven to bless humanity. Hence, it is believed that taking a dip in the holy water of Ganga river cleanses one’s spirit and purifies their soul for salvation. 

The Kumbh Mela festival is one of the most famous festivals celebrated at four main pilgrimage sites in India: Haridwar, Prayagraj (formerly Allahabad), Nashik, and Ujjain. The main ritual of the Kumbh Mela involves taking a holy dip (bathing) in the sacred rivers – Ganga at Haridwar, Yamuna at Prayagraj, Godavari at Nashik, and Shipra at Ujjain to attain inner purification and divine grace. The Kumbh Mela festival at the Ganga river happens once in 12 years. The banks along the Ganga river witnesses Aarti (ritual that involves the offering of light) daily. Hence, Ganges river holds a significant position in the Hindu sacred scriptures and this blog helps you to understand the celebration of Ganga Saptami and the spiritual journey of Mata Ganga

The Origin Of Ganga:

According to Hindu scriptures, the story of Ganga’s descent unfolds with the king Bhagiratha, an ancestor of Lord Rama, who undertakes severe penance to bring the Ganges down to Earth. Bhagiratha’s ancestors had lost lives due to a curse, and only the waters of the Ganges could take off the curse and purify them from their sins.

Lord Brahma, moved by Bhagiratha’s devotion, grants his wish but warns him about the forceful descent of the Ganga. In order to reduce the impact of Maa Ganga on Earth, Lord Shiva agrees to hold the river in his matted hair, demonstrating his immense power and compassion.

As Ganga flows down from heaven, her waters purify the ashes of Bhagiratha’s ancestors, and she becomes a river revered by millions for her spiritual potency and life-sustaining properties.

The Spiritual Journey Of Mata Ganga:

A River From Heavens:

Maa Ganga is the river that descended from heaven to the Earth to purify the human’s sins and give them salvation. The Ganga river would be a mighty fall upon the Earth if not Lord Shiva agreed to hold her in his matted hair. Hence, this shows how sacred Ganga river is and how her arrival had bestowed blessings over humanity and led to purification. Also, its shows the association of Lord Shiva, King Bhagiratha, and the Ganga river and the sanctity of river Ganga.

A River That Embodies Purity:

The Ganga river stands as a testament to purity even though being located with the most populated cities and industries. The Ganga Jal or the water from Ganga river retains its purity and spiritual properties as it purifies everything that comes in contact with them. Hence, devotees across the globe believe in this and gather along the banks of Ganga river for various spiritual activities. One of the famous spiritual ceremonies celebrated along the banks of Ganga is Kumbh Mela festival which attracts millions of devotees across the globe as it happens once in 12 years. 

Therefore, the Ganga river embodies purity and cleanses the soul and body for those who take a dip in the water. Also, the water from Ganga is used for many rituals happening at temples and for rituals that happen during weddings, childbirth, and funerals. It is also to be noted that many households that practice Hinduism have a pot called “Kalash” which holds Ganga Jal. Hence, through this we can understand how Ganga river retains its purity and holds significance in every ritual.

Salvation Through The Ganges:

It is believed that every devotee at least once in their lifetime aspires to take a dip in the holy waters of Ganga. This action of getting a dip in the Ganga river is called “Ganga Snan,” and holds a significant position in the Hindu scriptures. This act symbolizes the cleansing of one’s soul and body from sins. However, those who cannot visit the place physically, it is believed that by crementing the person at the banks of Ganga river will be cleansed by the Maa Ganga. According to the Hindu scriptures, Maa Ganga comes on Makara (Crocodile) to rescue and heal the departed souls from their sins and make them attain Moksha (Heaven). This shows how Maa Ganga plays a crucial role in connecting the human and divinity for salvation. 

Rituals And Celebrations:

On Ganga Saptami, devotees wake up early to perform ceremonial baths in the river, seeking blessings for health, prosperity, and spiritual well-being. Special prayers are offered at temples dedicated to Ganga, and priests conduct elaborate rituals to honor the river goddess.

Rituals At The Banks Of Ganga:

The rituals at the banks of the Ganga, particularly in cities like Varanasi, hold deep cultural and spiritual significance in Hinduism. Pilgrims gather to perform ceremonies such as ‘aarti’ (worship with fire) and ‘puja’ (ritual offering) to the sacred river. These rituals are believed to cleanse sins and facilitate liberation from the cycle of rebirth. The Ganga’s waters are considered purifying and carrying the blessings of the divine. Devotees often immerse themselves or cremate loved ones here, seeking spiritual elevation. The atmosphere is filled with chants, bells, and incense, evoking a profound connection to tradition and the cosmic order. It is also common for individuals to collect small amounts of Ganga Jal in copper or clay vessels for personal worship or healing.

 In addition to ordinary pilgrims, thousands of Naga Sadhus (ascetics) with matted hair and ash-smeared bodies joyfully leap into the river, viewing it as their ultimate refuge and goal. Witnessing their worship of the Ganga is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle for visitors.

Ganga Saptami 2024:

As per the calendar 2024, Ganga Saptami will be observed on Tuesday, 14th May 2024. Mother Ganga is revered particularly on this day. Additionally, offering water to ancestors on this occasion brings multiple blessings. The Saptami Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh will commence on 14th May 2024 at 02:50 am and conclude on 15th May 2024 at 04:19 am.

Ganga Saptami is not merely a festival but a celebration of the eternal flow of life represented by Mata Ganga. Hence, for this Ganga Saptami offer Arghya at the Ganga Ghat in Haridwar through Ghar Madir’s online puja booking services to seek the divine blessing The spiritual journey of the Ganges inspires millions to seek inner purity and spiritual awakening. Through her waters, Mata Ganga continues to nourish body and soul by the divine grace that sustains life on Earth.

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