अम्बुबची मेला विशेष: कामाख्या शक्तिपीठ दीपदान


At Kamakhya temple, devotees worship the fallen yoni (womb) of divine Goddess Sati as the cause of the creation and rearing of the world. Ambabuchi mela, a celebration faith, fertility and divine feminine, marks the 4 days when Maa Kamakhya undergoes annual menstrual cycle.
During the auspicious festival of Ambubachi Mela (22nd – 26th June), performing Maa Kamakhya deepdaan has many benefits:
Financial success💰
Love life👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
Repelling dark spirits🌒
Prasad box contains sindoor, gold plated locket, mata’s photo and panchmeva prasad.
Rakta Vastra (Red cloth) offered to Maata during the festival is available separately (size 1cm x 1 cm)!
अम्बुबची मेला विशेष: कामाख्या शक्तिपीठ दीपदान
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